Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hosni mubarak: Game Over

Hosni Mubarak: Game over

As predicted, the Egyptian regime is collapsing piece by piece, and the offensive Mubarak launched against his people is now obviously a desperate try to break the steady will of an entire nation.

All the vital signs of the dictatorship of Mubarak are now at their lowest stages:

The military institution, critical pillar for a commander to stay in the ruling sphere, has withdrawn its support and consent from Mubarak’s’ regime, condemning it to a fatal crackdown and maybe to a catastrophic collapse for both the leader and the nation.

Many speculations and reports stated that the military officers are already preparing for a takeover of the power in Egypt, and the many appearances of the prominent figures of the army in news channels confirm those predictions.

A summarizing statement of the army can clarify the situation for anybody who still has doubts:
We are here to protect the nation, not the regime
Moreover, the army seems to lose its neutrality, and is now taking the side of the demonstrators by refusing to fire at them and by pushing back the pro-Mubarak militias away from the anti-government protesters.

When it comes to Mubarak’s allies, it is another story. The friends of yesterday and the supporters of the regime in the congress and in the EU parliament turned to be hypocrite political players, seeking the safety of their interests in the region regardless of how or who might do it. Dolls are easily interchangeable and finding a new dictator isn’t a big deal, especially in the Arab region.

That was the valuable lesson the west gave to our ‘beloved’ Arab leaders, or rather the reminder of the real nature of the relations between the western governments and their slaves in power since it is so obvious to come to such conclusions without the help of a revolution burning the whole country.

From Obama calling Mubarak to achieve people’s will, to France and Germany who call for the respect of the protesters right to demonstrate, passing by the Arab and regional prominent figures such as Qaradawi and Turkish P.M Erdogan, everybody seems to abandon the one they used to congratulate and praise, not because the Egyptian regime was unveiled to the world as a oppressing system, but because the new main player in the Egyptian scene is now the people, and as the custom goes, you must always follow the winning party.

For 30 years, nobody did criticize Mubarak nor did no world leader open his mouth to call for reforms or respect of the people, and all of sudden, the world turns upside down and the complaints rain from all the governments into Mubarak’s office!

Barack Obama U.S. President Barak Obama (R) talks with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in the Oval Office at the White House August 18, 2009 in Washington, DC. The two leaders discussed a range of issues including Middle East peace.

But since Mr. Hosni is not the kind of president to fly out from his country the way Ben Ali did, he decided to keep holding onto power by all the means he could afford, and among the many evil ideas his creative mind made up, there is the turn-the-threat-into-weapon plan, also known as the “final plan”.

The intelligent 83 year old dying president decided to initiate a conspiracy with the help of the Egyptian prisoners.
His plan was basically to free around 700 detainees in the streets of Cairo, blaming the incident on the protesters who caused disorder and instability leading to a wave of disobedience among the prisoners.
The scenario was perfectly executed with demonstrators attacking prisons and chaos gaining control of the situation inside Fayoum prison, ending with a bloody jail break of 700 potential criminals who spread in South Cairo.

As a way to break the legitimacy of the protests, the authorities supported those prisoners also known as pro-Mubarak demonstrators logistically and pushed them to infiltrate demonstrations in order to launch sabotage operations and acts of vandalism through assaulting private properties, raping women and aggressing citizens.
Even several police forces members participated in the wave of terror the regime initiated against the civilian.

Who is responsible for this: "of course the irresponsible protesters and their savage illegal demonstrations" would claim the ministry of interior!
But what Mubarak got wrong was that when a whole nation says “No”, there is nothing strong enough to break or even shatter that shout millions of throats throw in the air! And so did the Egyptian people, they broke firmly Mubarak’s attempt to shut the protests, and instead of getting the demonstrations down, the effect of that coward attack was fueling the protest and convincing the people that their claims were right and that their president was nothing but a blood-thirsty dictator.

Several hired prisoners and undercover policemen were shown to the entire world on TV’s, and even confessions were taken from them by the demonstrators, making public a regimes’ conspiracy to destroy and demolish what the Egyptians built for thousands of years.
For Hosni Mubarak, it’s Game Over now, but for the Egyptians, it’s definitely a Start New Game!

Mohamed Amine Belarbi

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