Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Constitution: It's not an overall agreement we have there!

The King of Morocco, Mohamed VI, appeared on TV last night to give a speech to the nation in light of the new changes in Morocco concerning the constitutional reforms.

Benchemsi, a Moroccan Journalist and researcher in Stanford University, appeared on Aljazeera English TV Channel to shed light on the many weaknesses and anti-democratic aspects of the new constitution unvieled by the Moroccan policy makers and the King himself in a yet again "historical" speech (The 27th historical and unprecedented speech! How many histories do we have?).

The King, who asked the nation to vote YES for the new revised constitution, left no choice other than following his royal choice for a people who don't even know the content nor the new changes made to a documment they don't even understand.

Constitutional reforms or cosmetic operation to a document which still give the King ultimate power over the country, that's what people are confused about since the whole thing is still unclear and the promised democratisation of the countrie's institutions and policies remains so far a set of words nobody have seen their materialisation on grounds.

Follow if the video of the full speech made by the King:

Highlight of the year: A great combat between the monarchy and its institutions against the people's will. It's all about a YES or NO!
Location: Morocco
Date: 1st of july

Let the show begin!

Mohamed Amine Belarbi


  1. Ahmed reda Benchemsi is a researcher in Stanford not Princeton. ;)

  2. Thakns for spotting it, I may have been overwhelmed by this Princeton University to a degree I picture it everywhere!
    Sorry for the mistake :)

  3. hahaha I can imagine see you in spain :)