Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The new revised constitution: The people say NO!

The answer of the people didn't take that much time to reveal itself after the so called constitutional reforms proclaimed by the King and the policy makers.

The 19th of June, after a call from  the 20th February movement to rally in the streets in order to shout the national disaproval of the referendum over the revised constitution, people gathered in all major cities to express again their social demands and to confirm their stance on the new constitution, rallies which didn't receive as much attention as the made up and government led gatherings where some people shout their support of the refrendum and claim highly their satisfaction with the modification the constitution was subject to.

If the people do go in the streets against the refrendum, it is mainly because of the non-democratic process which led to the birth of the new constitution, a constitution people believe has been subject to a cosmetic make up rather than a reform of the root core of the text's content, which changes every decade in number of clauses while the controversial paragraphs remain untouched.

Yet after the unprecedented campaign promoted by the authorities to make the people vote positively in the referendum, part of the Moroccan society still call for the boycott of the voting process which doesn't fulfill the requirements of a democratic transition in a country which has been drowning in political dictatorship and social injustice for so long.

Follow are videos of rallies in several Moroccan cities where people went out to the streets to shout high their opposition to the revised constitution along social demands:







Sidi Bennour






Sidi Slimane


Beni Mellal



Mohamed Amine Belarbi

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