Thursday, January 27, 2011

Prosecuting Arab "Leaders"?

Prosecuting the Arab leaders?

The Tunisian Court of Justice issued an international arrest warrant against the former Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, currently hiding in Saudi Arabia in the traitors’ land, as well as his wife Leila Trabelsi, the sadly famous authoritarian woman number one in Tunisia who gave the Tunisian people a last surprise before escaping: a theft of 1.5 ton of gold from the central bank!

The charges against the evil couple vary from illicit transfers of currency abroad to illegal acquisition of properties, without mentioning the horrid crimes committed against the Tunisian people who had to suffer killings, illegal detention and lack of religious freedom.
The Tunisian nation has been teaching us for a month how to proceed in order to swipe away dictatorship and oppression, and as if that wasn’t enough, they even showed the world how to give example by bringing the terror to its right place: prison.

Now, the main question is not if the Tunisian presidential couple is going to be prosecuted, but are the Arab people able to understand the lesson and bring corrupted officials to justice?
Well, it is simply impossible, otherwise all the Northern African and Middle Eastern countries will have to remain without governments, and without an army since all officials in our beloved great Arab nation are in deep love with corruption and dictatorial rule.

A quick glance to the profiles of the Arab leaders will tell us the whole story behind the discontent and frustration of the Arab street, profiles which should allow us to come to this shocking realization that we are victims of a broad range dictatorship which manifest itself through ruling demons scattered throughout the Arab world, from Morocco in the extreme west to the eastern countless emirates in the Middle East.
Since we cannot list all the Arab monkeys playing with the fate of millions of people, I will just give few but expressive examples.

Name: Zine El Abidine Ben Ali
Time in power: 24 years
Nature of administration: One party Dictatorship
Religious repression
Political opposition oppression
Illegal detention and killings
Public funds hijack
Destruction of economy
Crushing peoples’ purchasing power…
Fall of regime:  14 January 2011

Name: Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak
Time in power: 30 years
Nature of administration: One party Dictatorship
Religious repression
(Especially Muslim Brotherhood party)
      Winning by 99% of votes in elections!!
Decreasing Egyptian role in international affairs
Choosing the wrong ally in the region (IsraHell)
Elimination of political opposition
Killing Palestinian people by imposing an embargo against
the Gaza strip and helping in the Israeli led-war against Hamas
Crushing protests and misuse of power
Bringing down Egyptian economy with no social or
economic reforms to prevent the countries’ collapsing…
Fall of regime: Soon

Name: Mouammar Kadhafi
Time in power: 41 years
Nature of administration
Ruling “revolutionary” colonel, no party, one leader
Supporting military conflicts all over Africa
Making politics an exclusive right of the ruling elite
No efforts toward the modernization of the Libyan infrastructure
Fragile economy based on oil exportations
Giving funny speeches at the UN assembly…
Fall of regime: Soon

Name: Abdallah ben AbdelAziz Al Saoud
Time in power: 6 years
Nature of administration: Authoritarian Sacred Royalty, no parties
·          High treason of the Muslim nation
·          Building a petrodollar economy with no alternatives
·           Importing prostitution
·           Saving west economies by making billions of $ arms 
       deals while neighboring Arab countries suffer from starvation
·           Abolition of opposition
·           Helping in killing the Palestinian cause
·           Welcoming traitors in his soil: Ben Ali…
Fall of regime: Soon

So, from the brief profiles of those leaders, we can ultimately come up with one conclusion: What the hell are they still doing in power?
Haven’t they stole enough, haven’t they killed and imprisoned enough people? The collapse to which they led their countries is quite alarming, especially when we have shut mouths, unable to speak about the tyranny or lead impacting change inside the internal administration.

The final match we’re watching live, going on in the Arab field is a crucial confrontation for the finals, where we have in one side west backed dolls also known as Arab leaders, and on the other side a whole nation fighting for its survival, with only its will and passion for change as supporters.

The outcome, besides its international impact and its contribution to the revolutionary movement around the world, would allow people to speak for themselves and work for themselves, with nobody dictating to them their tasks and their limits, and with no ruling power to steal their resources and their efforts.
Arabs have suffered a lot and for a long time, neglected by everybody and persecuted by everyone. Now it’s time to say “enough”, crying out loud our refusal for any kind of elite supremacy over us. Suffering has limits, and so did we reach the turn point where no pain can be endured anymore. What makes a difference between politician and people is the fact that the first party claims highly its ambition, and fools people with empty promises and stunning slogan such as ‘Yes we can’, while the people always start with a burning ‘YES WE DO’ and make from a decision or a dream a reality which imposes itself in the field with no need to embellish it and make it shiny for the sake of blinding the surrounding.

As Arab students and citizens, we should contribute in saving our countries from falling again in the hands of the evil power of kings and dictators, and we should stop always complaining about the bad conditions in our nations, because words have never changed a situation and statements can’t make much of a difference when shouted at deaf people. If by weapons, pens or bare hands, we will definitely encourage and contribute in the production of the amazing paragraph of history written right now by our brothers in the other part of the world.

This is not Tunisian peoples’ victory we’re enjoying right now, but a greater concept called Arab Uprising, and the choice is up to us: Either we are part of the story or we stay out of it.
I already made my choice, WHAT’S YOURS?
Mohamed Amine Belarbi

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