Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Politics for Dummies: Episode 1

Dear viewer,

This is the opening episode for the new series called ‘POLITICS FOR DUMMIES’.
During the numerous videos I’ll be posting in my blog, I will try to interview International students and get them to talk about the national issues their countries suffer from.

The purpose of the series is not to give additional information or news (which you can easily find on the web) nor making smart political analysis of different situations and events, but rather to have a young and natural approach for political matters, and above all let youth speaking about politics freely and openly.

I hope you will find this series interesting and useful, and remember that the survival of the blog depends entirely on your support.

Thank you and enjoy!
P.S:  I am sorry for the miserable way of recording the videos xD

Episode One: Lebanon internal situation after the appointment of opposition backed Miqati as Lebanese P.M

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