Monday, February 7, 2011

New Arab World Order

N.A.W.O : New Arab World Order

The recent evolution of events in the Arab region caught international attention, not because we are witnessing a huge wave of protests burning the Arab countries, but because the core purpose of the demonstrations have taken a new turn point which outsmarted the expectations of analysts and intelligence services around the world.

During the past years and decades, the Arab nations led enormous protests and never those events were given much of an importance, simply because they were typical and normal reactions logically predicted: Protests were always linked to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, where Arabs were yelling in the streets against Israeli genocides and aggressions, or they were generally anti-American and anti-Western especially in time of military implications of those countries in armed conflicts with Arab or Muslim nations.

The reason why the West never stood on its nerves during those past protests is because they were easily predictable and therefore the governments’ political institutions and secret services drafted pre-arranged plans to shut down those excess of patriotism.

But now, things changed and the people started realizing that any fight against corruption, oppression and evil must start from the inside, curing the disease of one’s country before hoping to lead global change in other places.  

This was the philosophy of Che Guevara who fought first for the change in Cuba before heading to different countries worldwide in order to support the revolution. The focus of these uprising will stay mainly on injustices of the main social and economic system, with disregard to any attempt to radicalize the manifestations and pushing them toward a potential hostile Islamic movement calling for the abolition of any ties between the Arab world and Israel and the revision or suppression of peace treaty signed between both sides.

Nowadays, we are witnessing the birth of a new Arab mentality and way of life which will have a great impact on the political and socio-economic situation of the Middle East and North Africa, and on the world in a larger scale. An Arab Mania to start the New Year?!

The great deal now about these revolutions bursting everywhere is their outcome and consequences on the political regime and the shaping of the future Arab states’ regimes.

Looking 32 years back, Iran saw a comparable uprising which led to the fall of the Shahs’ regime and the instauration of an Islamic state. The idea of such a scenario in Tunisia and Egypt would probably give nightmares to the White House and the EU leaders, especially after the last speech of Khamenei on the situation in Egypt and Tunisia, which he qualified as an Islamic revolution following the steps of the Iranian uprising. But after all, isn’t the choice in the hands of the people themselves, and they are the best ones to choose their future under the governance of any regime or system they think will serve appropriately their interests?  

Well, the West thinks in a different direction: the priority goes to European and American interests in the region: let the people starve, they are too many anyway! 

And above all, we have Israel to satisfy, that’s enough work and good will for us!

Will the people after this great uprising fall back into the past dark ages for the sake of economic help and sane international relations with the global community as the West advocates?
“No”, this is what was shouted in Tunisia and is now yelled in Tahrir Square in Egypt. The Arab world had enough of this foreign supremacy which pushed the whole region into a new kind of modern slavery through proxy agents, also known as Arab Leaders.

The aspirations of Arab people now overpass those tiny concepts the West tried to impose on our thinking standards, and the emerging of a whole new system of political, ethical, religious and socio-economic concepts make from the idea of a New Arab World Order an inevitable project to complete.

But, as we think about it, how could a New Arab World Order look like?
Well, it would definitely be a whole new system, nothing like what we know about previous orders. The easiest way to approach this tremendous structure is to try and analyze it based on the current unified systems such as the United States of America or the European Union.

We can dream about an Arab Unified country, with no borders and free trade between its member states, a free economy based on meeting mutual market needs where Oil producing countries could supply non-Oil producing countries with sufficient fuel in order to enable them to reach an auto sufficiency status when it comes to Petroleum industry.

Likewise, the agricultural countries with significant production of vegetables and fruit could supply other states with food at reasonable exchange rates of goods, and it is well known that the Arab countries could, if there is goodwill, reach independence on their own food production without any reliability on external markets.

But if we start talking about these economic concepts and social systems, we are shadowing the main purpose of a New Arab World Order, which is the establishment of a complex network of influence and lobbying whose aim is to promote Arab interests worldwide and spread Arab control over key sources of mental influence on international population.

A New Arab World Order should be mainly focused on production of ethical products as well as universal concepts such as freedom, democracy, economical systems and civilization legacy. Outside of any dark conspiracies or plans of global takeover and aspirations of a unified international government as stated in different websites throughout the net, this New World Order would be a population led system where wealth would be a common good, traditions and customs a universal legacy.

The core idea would be to overthrow the current World Order led by the West and especially by the neoliberals of the 21st century, an outdated Order based preliminary on an elitist power which govern international policies, administrate world trade and pervert common knowledge.

History has shown that such Orders, based on greed and personal benefits are doomed to a chaotic demise, bringing to an end decades of building this universal database of ethics and social democracy. The current New World Order, which roots goes back to the early industrial revolution, is now in its final destruction phase, where the main power leading it, aka the U.S, is losing constantly its advantages, be it economic in favor of the new raging Chinese dragon, or be it political influence worldwide, and this is clearly shown by a South America out of control, a South Asian area competing with the U.S political influence and interference in regional affairs, ending with the Middle East and North Africa which is now tracing its own political path out of the U.S counseling.

The new emerging world leading powers will definitely be a major challenge for the West, and radical measures taken from the former powers in order to prevent such a birth of a replacement World Order is quite probable. Extreme thoughts would definitely range across a third world war, while soft approaches will talk about a compromise deal, based on mutual help and mutual protection of interests, with each one exerting its influence in the key regions which are strategic to its geopolitical and economic survival.

Nobody could predict if the people are ready for such a compromise,  but since the Egyptian and Tunisian demonstrators showed us a steady appeal to cut off with all past sufferance and authoritarian regimes, it might turn to be a Human consensus on global change and international accord to kick out any previous form of modern slavery for the sake of a new global system built on hard ground, and meant to last for a thousand year like the everlasting Hitler’s dreamed imperial international ruling system, the only difference this time is that this New World Order, and especially the Arab New World Order is going to be a gathering of  common agreement on universal ethical infrastructures, ready to accept international understanding and favorable for the emergence of world peace and mutual respect.

Are we ready to participate in the shaping of this New Arab World Order, in the making of this tremendously divine universal structure in the History Dogma?  
The train is passing by, and it won’t stop to wait for late comers. Either we jump in the development process vehicle or we stay behind.
New Arab World Order, here we come!

Mohamed Amine Belarbi


  1. NAWO would only be part of the NWO ! I'm just realistic. It's easy to manipulate. All what's happening now is part of the NWO agenda.

  2. Yes, there is a big chance that the revolutions going on right now are orchestrated bythe NWO as was the French revolution, the Bolshvik revolution and so on.
    But what is important to remember is that the process might somehow turn wrong, a mistake in the matrix, and only then the people can spot the manifestation of the NWO on a visible scale, at that point a global conscensus on the wrongness of the NWO could lead to a world revolution against the whole system, bringing it down.
    I am not naif about it, but I believe that, as part of the history graph, up and down, there is a point where the system cannot hold on together and starts falling apart, and probably this is the end of that slow implosion!