Tuesday, February 15, 2011

20th February protests: Human Rights vs National security, make your choice.

20 February: Joining, boycotting, joining, boycotting…

Considered as one of the main events of the year, the expected demonstrations of the 20th February scheduled to flood the streets of Morocco, once again rises the controversial issue of rights against national security.

One of the main points the advocators of the protests advance are the respect of humanity, the extermination of corruption and the right to employment among other claims. These calls are totally legitimate under the circumstances the Moroccan scene is witnessing, yet the timing and the consequences are inappropriate for the welfare of the country.

The constant threat Polisario and Algerian officials constitute to our territorial integrity is an important factor to take in account whenever planning for events of major concern and impact. The last protests in Lâayoun give us a clear and concise idea about the potential repercussions a deviated national demonstrations might have.
Legitimate calls for social reforms and human rights respect in Gdim Izik camps turned into a wave of destruction and anarchy, twisting a pure innocent rally into an awful perverted mobilization against one’s country and interests.

If history is an eternal resource of experiences and lessons, we have definitely the duty to seek knowledge from it and learn wisely how to initiate, control and predict events of national concern.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Domino Effect: Tunisia, Egypt...

Domino effect: Tunisia, Egypt, …

Finally he did it, Mubarak resigned!!!!!

Amid speculations and concerns about the outcome of the controversial speech Mubarak delivered the night before, the news came like a lightening, burning Egypt and by the same way the whole world with fervent celebrations and mutual congratulations for the end of a dark era, an era ruled by oppression and injustice, an era people had enough of and were fed up with.

Monday, February 7, 2011

New Arab World Order

N.A.W.O : New Arab World Order

The recent evolution of events in the Arab region caught international attention, not because we are witnessing a huge wave of protests burning the Arab countries, but because the core purpose of the demonstrations have taken a new turn point which outsmarted the expectations of analysts and intelligence services around the world.

During the past years and decades, the Arab nations led enormous protests and never those events were given much of an importance, simply because they were typical and normal reactions logically predicted: Protests were always linked to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, where Arabs were yelling in the streets against Israeli genocides and aggressions, or they were generally anti-American and anti-Western especially in time of military implications of those countries in armed conflicts with Arab or Muslim nations.

The reason why the West never stood on its nerves during those past protests is because they were easily predictable and therefore the governments’ political institutions and secret services drafted pre-arranged plans to shut down those excess of patriotism.

But now, things changed and the people started realizing that any fight against corruption, oppression and evil must start from the inside, curing the disease of one’s country before hoping to lead global change in other places.  

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hosni mubarak: Game Over

Hosni Mubarak: Game over

As predicted, the Egyptian regime is collapsing piece by piece, and the offensive Mubarak launched against his people is now obviously a desperate try to break the steady will of an entire nation.

All the vital signs of the dictatorship of Mubarak are now at their lowest stages:

The military institution, critical pillar for a commander to stay in the ruling sphere, has withdrawn its support and consent from Mubarak’s’ regime, condemning it to a fatal crackdown and maybe to a catastrophic collapse for both the leader and the nation.

Many speculations and reports stated that the military officers are already preparing for a takeover of the power in Egypt, and the many appearances of the prominent figures of the army in news channels confirm those predictions.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Politics for Dummies: Episode 1

Dear viewer,

This is the opening episode for the new series called ‘POLITICS FOR DUMMIES’.
During the numerous videos I’ll be posting in my blog, I will try to interview International students and get them to talk about the national issues their countries suffer from.