Thursday, April 5, 2012

NRG Battle World Edition here we come!

As I will be blogging for the NRG Battle World Edition taking place in Kuala Lumpur from the 4th of June to the 8th, I will be sharing some of my posts in my Blog so that a wider audience accesses them.
For more info on the event, check:

The NRG Battle World Edition, as described by its organisors:

"NRG Battle – World edition

The NRG Battle – World Edition is a competition organized during the World Gas Conference in Kuala Lumpur where 100 global top talents work, for four days in multidisciplinary teams of five, on challenging cases provided by companies. At the end of the four days, each team presents their idea in a 3-minute pitch to an expert jury, consisting of CEO’s and Directors from the energy sector. The jury nominates three teams that will pitch their idea once more to 5000 delegates at the World Gas Conference, who will then choose the winner of the NRG Battle - World edition. 

Top Talents

Companies are constantly looking for talents, one of the main reasons why companies participate in the NRG Battle is to find and recruit new top talent. Therefore this is your chance to get in touch with these companies and present yourself. What better start can you imagine!?
Since 2009 we have successfully organized the NRG Battle – Europe Edition each year, over 1000 participants and 53 nationalities have joined the battle so far.  We recruit students from the bestuniversities all over the world through ambassadors, these are participants from previous years who act as ambassadors (promoters) for the NRG Battle and promote the battle in their country. In addition, a global promotion campaign via Internet and social media is launched in order to attract new top talent for the NRG Battle – World Edition.
Students who sign up for the NRG Battle – World Edition enter an online Global Talent Pool. Only participating companies have access to this pool, they will select their teams based on the talents they need for the case. That is why you will take a personality test (Big Five), we can test what added value you have for companies. The big five personality test shows the five broad domains or dimensions of personality that are used to describe human personality.

Multidisciplinary Teams

Twenty teams will meet, compete and innovate during the NRG Battle at the World Gas Conference in Kuala Lumpur. Every team consists out of five talents that will be selected by the companies according to their needs and skills for solving the case. During the battle each team is allowed to use whatever they feel like is necessary to win the battle. Be creative!
At the World Conference twitter can be used to find experts that can help you to crack your case! There will also be case instructors of the companies to help you."

This being said, follows a quick and short introductory post before I tackle this new task which, hopefully, will keep me busy for the next couple of weeks!

Dilemma for some, opportunity for others: 
Morocco and Norway, different economies, different models

The Arab culture, as prominently seen, and to some extent on true basis, disregards the consequences of energy usage and shortage. The fact that most of our Arab countries rely on oil as primary source of energy and as sole source of income puts us in a difficult dilemma: either to choose to be environmentally friendly and to divert parts of the budget expenditure towards alternative and renewable sources of energy with what follows of economic and financial loss for other sectors, or disregard ethical implications of our oil usage and prioritize financial profit over any other environmental considerations.

This dilemma has been bypassed efficiently, as I noticed and later came to know, by both Norway to the perfection and Morocco to a less degree. As a member of the worlds’ privileged oil exporters elite, Norway is renowned for its intelligent and responsible usage of oil income where the financial benefits are directed towards a sovereign fund recognized as the biggest in the world. Instead of subsidizing its oil products nationally, Norway is imposing higher costs for its citizens’ purchases of fuel while investing heavily the shares of the 570 billion $ of the oil fund in alternative energy exploration and development. Same with Morocco which, though deprived from oil blessings, is planning colossal investments in wind and solar projects propelling the country in the forefront of alternative energy development with billions of $ already on the table for the construction of solar panel fields spread throughout the Sahara. Different nations, different economies and different approaches to the energy sector: Plenty of models to develop, monetize and to learn from!

Coming Soon on "Revolutionary Energy sectors for a New World Order!"

Mohamed Amine Belarbi

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