Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Casablanca protests: A new turnout in the Moroccan unrest

Morocco, far from being a paradise on Earth (yet some try to picture it that way) has seen a series of unrest during the last month, troubles which reached the paroxysm with the last protests in Sbata Casablanca, this 29th of May.

The start of a new phase of confrontation between the people and the regime? Many analyze it this way, while the pro-Makhzen forces try to instaure a state of fear and anxiety among people in order to get them out of the streets and push them to flee the protests and the idea of being part of the ongoing demonstrations.

Through the Argana state-mentored terrorist bombings to the Mawazine mass drug the administration tries to promote, the Makhzen has proven to be running out of options in this lost war for oppression and social injustice, a war where the people are ready to offer their bodies as a price to the recovery of dignity and justice. 

Voilà pour ceux qui disent l3am Zin et tout va bien au Maroc! Si il y'a un jihad qui existe, c'est bien celui mené contre la corruption et le Makhzen de merde!

Puisse Allah maudire à tout jamais l'oppression du régime et tous ceux qui le supportent! Et après on dit qu'on vit dans une démocratie! C'est ça le Maroc que plusieurs glorifient? Un Maroc où la police tabassent lâchement les citoyens, femmes et enfants?!

Dans ces vidéos, les agents de la corruption sont en plein exercice musculaire! Après les efforts de main pour dérober l'argent public, ils s'en tournent aux dos des citoyens pour muscler leur bras....

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