Saturday, February 25, 2012

Did IAM step back?

After the last media campaign which stirred countless responses over the VoIP problems apparently initiated by the telecommunication firm IAM, and the many blog posts, tweets, articles and letters from Skype, Viber and other software using the VoIP feature, the calm may have come back to the Internet community after many users reported an increase in Skype calls quality.

The speculations flying around assert that IAM may have pulled off and let the VoIP services re-operate fully without interference as a mean to cool down the public discontent which already shattered the companies reputation.

Some go as far as referring to a potential process of installing spying devices by IAM to control and monitor the information flow, cause of the potential interference with the VoIP feature... everything is plausibe!

While we are waiting for some of the technicians inside the company's corridors to leak a confirmation or a denial of the backing off from the usage of the newly deployed Cisco hardware, we can only speculate on a probable victory of the internet community to get the firm on its knee, asserting furthermore the immense power of the internet users in influencing policy making and companies behavior.

We hope to hear back from more people on the re-establishment of the good quality calls in Skype and other software using the VoIP feature, and until then, I will keep you updated on the news and development concerning the matter.

Mohamed Amine Belarbi

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