Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mohamed VI speech: Yet another vague text reading performance

The King Mohamed VI of Morocco has made a speech this 30th of July in the occasion of his 12th year of power as the head of the nation, amid speculations that this speech would mainly focus on the post-constitutional reforms era the country is undergoing.

The King, as usual, did start a long session of  recitation, reading directly from the pile of paper laid in front of him, a scene which contrasts abruptly with the memory of his father, King Hassan II, who used to fascinate the people with his charismatic and hypnotizying appearances and surprising speeches.

The landmark of the speech was the call of the Monarch for a rapid and speeded process to implement the coming elections, a step seen by some as a victory while others more suspiscious look at it as a strategy of the Palace to counter the rapid expansion of the Islamist Party by ensuring minimum damages.

On one hand, the people in favor of the measure to speed the election time, see in this step a confirmation of the constitutional text, partly because of the willingness to cut with all the ancient platforms and corrupted institutions and the installation of a reformed government abiding by the new constitutional reforms, and also, good to be mentionned, these people go far beyond in interpreting the fact that the monarch hasn't determined the date of the elections as a sign that the King has indeed limited his power in interfering with the promulgation of local and national policies and the management of the countries administration. This stance is clearly compiled in Anas ElFilali's post on "Cela signe-il la fin de l'implication directe du monarque dans les décisions politiques ? Le début d'une nouvelle époque de gouvernance ou les politiques ont la responsabilité totale et les libertés qui en découlent ?"

On the other hand, other people comment on the step as a strategy of the Makhzen to act quickly before the total crackdown of the PAM, an alleged Palace monitored party who serves the Makhzen interests in the political scene. As Ali Lmrabet puts is on Facebook: "‎"Sidna" veut des élections rapides pour que "son" PAM de son ami Fouad Ali El Himma puisse avoir des chances d'échapper à al disparition pure et simple."
The point is, the polls show that the imminence of the bankrupcy of the PAM is a matter of time, and the amazing, yet predicted, invasion of the PJD of the political scene is granting the Islamist party an unquestionned victory during the election, its ampleur growing with time as the party structures more its political bodies and boosts the preparations of its regional and national structures in preparation for an outstanding performance. Hence, the best way to minimize the damages and slow the success of the Islamists is ultimately having the elections ASAP, point of view held strongly by some people such as Ali Lmrabet.

Follows the full speech made by the King:
Part I

Part II

Mohamed Amine Belarbi

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